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Lead Box -The Secret Done For You Marketing Campaigns

The Secret Done For You Marketing Campaigns That Produce Recurring Income For Marketing Agencies!

even if you currently have ZERO clients!

Dear Marketing Entrepreneur,

Reading this letter to the end can have a profound impact on your business and your life!
You see, myself (Chris Beatty) and my partner Tim Branyan have been helping local businesses with their marketing since 2010.
One thing that we’ve focused heavily on…

Look, we’re not saying we are THE BEST and we recognize there are people doing waaaaaay better than us….

But we’ve built a nice business that pays us every single day, and we’re good with that.

Here’s a screenshot from our Stripe account under the “payouts” tab… (yes we watermarked it so these online scrubs don’t try to take our screenshot and use it as their own)
You see…. DAILY recurring income!

This simple strategy builds YOUR recurring income AND gets your clients RESULTS!

How are we doing it?

Well, by implementing a strategy that is a being completely ignored by most people trying to build an agency.

And it makes no sense because nothing gets your clients results faster than this method.

But that’s OK, because I’m going to show you how we exploit this “oversight” and how you can too!

The secret is EMAIL MARKETING!

What’s cool about email marketing for business owners is it flat out produces results.

In fact, we’ve seen on average a single subscriber on ours and our clients email list is worth at least $1 per month.

So, imagine how powerful that can be for YOU and for YOUR CLIENTS when you can grow their email list to THOUSANDS of subscribers.

Imagine how much recurring revenue you can collect from clients when you’re able to implement this strategy, push a couple buttons and drive sales into their business almost instantly!

Well, I know from experience that local businesses will pay you HUGE monthly retainers to get those results!

Luckily, Local Business Owners Have No Clue When It Comes EXECUTING An Email Marketing Campaign!

That creates a huge opportunity for YOU!

The great thing is, these businesses know that they need to use email marketing and some have even tried (failed) on their own.

Think about it like this…

Email marketing is the PERFECT solution to a LOT of their problems;

  • It gets MORE customers through their doors
  • It INCREASES brand loyalty
  • It DECREASES advertising costs.
  • It can INCREASE their audience base
  • And most important… it produces a 4300% Return On Investment
  • Yes, on average when a local business invests $1 in email marketing, they can expect to receive $43 in return. That’s INSANE!

And… that means they can afford to pay you HUGE sums of $$$ to do it for them!

The question is… how do you get them results?

We’ve put together a simple solution that will allow you to become a highly paid email marketing expert!


Lead Box is EVERYTHING you need to become an expert on email marketing and deliver amazing results for local businesses!

I’ve personally sold just about every “Local Marketing” service that exists and I’ve found that nothing gets my clients more excited than email.


Email produces INSTANT results and when clients see results that quick, they are HAPPY CAMPERS.

Happy campers who will continue paying you a hefty monthly fee to keep producing those results.

So it’s time for you to get in on that action!

You agree?

Well For a limited time, we’ve decided to give you EVERYTHING we use to get incredible results for our clients through email marketing!

Here’s what you’ll get access to when you invest in Lead Box Today!

Lead Box Includes:

Module 1 – Effective Email Campaign Creation
$199 Value
In this module I’ll teach you all the important parts you need to have an effective email marketing campaign. One that produces RESULTS.

There are 5 critical elements that all email marketing campaigns must contain.

We’ll break it down for you “over the shoulder”

Module 2 – The “Handshake” Campaign Strategy + Done 4 YOU Templates
$99 Value
It’s important that a local business has an effective indoctrination / welcome campaign.

This will ensure that all new subscribers that come onto your clients list will continue OPENING and RESPONDING to the email you send!

You learn all about creating the campaign and you get our Done 4 YOU templates that you can plug in immediately!

Module 3 – The “Lightning” Campaign Strategy + Done 4 YOU Templates
$149 Value
One of the best ways to drive actual SALES and REVENUE for a local business is to implement a “Flash Sale”

A flash sale is a campaign designed to get a subscriber to get off the fence and BUY!

You will implement this campaign for your client more than any other campaign!

In this module we will teach you all the important components of a profitable flash sale AND…

We’ll give you a head start with the Done 4 YOU templates that you can plug in immediately.

Module 4 – The “Viral” Campaign Strategy + Done 4 YOU Templates
$99 Value
In order to actually run email marketing campaigns for your client, they’ll need to have a list.

In this module, we show you exactly how to build a list using viral contests.

You can use this strategy to build a list for your clients AND use it to simultaneously drive sales!

Again, you get the strategy overview along with the Done 4 YOU templates that you can plug in immediately!

This Is Everything You Need To Run Results Producing Email Marketing Campaigns!!

Of course, you could accidentally figure out how to create a winning email marketing campaign. Heck, I did so you could too.

But you and I both know that it is a better use of our time to tap into proven campaigns, strategy, and templates!

Why lose money and clients in the process of “Figuring it out” when you can make a very small investment for the shortcut?

We’ve already done the hard work for you by putting in our 6 years of email marketing experience that has produced well over 7 figures in sales through email alone!

Follow the campaigns laid out in Lead Box and you will get results!

I know that time is your most valuable asset because it’s the only thing in life we can’t get back once it’s gone!

But, I’m not blind to the fact that money is sometimes “an issue”

So let’s talk about that for a minute!

Each of the 4 modules in this program could easily be sold for $99 just with the content.

Combine that with our “In the trenches” experience, golden nuggets, and the Done 4 YOU Templates and this package could easily be sold for $299 on a webinar!

There’s absolutely no way you can spend less than $299 “figuring out” everything we teach and give you in Lead Box

But I promise I’m not going to make you pay anywhere near that $299 price tag

(Not yet at least)

Get Lead Box For The Lowest Price Possible TODAY!

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