Viddx Creates Profit Pulling Video Pages in 1 Minute
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Viddx Creates Profit Pulling Video Pages in 1 Minute

                           Viddx Software Creates Profit Pulling
                      Video Pages In 60 Seconds That Bring You
10X More Sales & 10 Times More Commissions From Free Youtube Videos

  • 1-CLICK Video Page Builder App.
  • Promote 1,5,10 or Any Number Of Offers At The Same Time
  • Without Ever Creating Videos.
  • Earn Commissions From Free Videos.
  • Turn Youtube From a Time-Waster Into a Money Maker For Yourself.
  • Newbie Friendly, Fully Tested – No tech skills needed.
  • Every Affiliate Marketers Needs This.
  • No Website or Hosting Needed
  • Fully Cloud-Based Software.

Viddx Creates Profit Pulling Video Pages in 1 Minute

                             Now in Just 60 Seconds,

You Can Turn Free Youtube Videos Into Commissions Without Any Manual Work.

Do you know how many videos are added to Youtube every single day?

More than 3.4 MILLION Videos.

Yes – and quite a big chunk of those videos are about Amazon products, software product demos, book reviews and offers about various e-commerce, healthcare, and even household products.

Now, what if you could actually leverage the power of Youtube and take all these free videos and turn them into cash?

What if you could take free videos created by other people, already uploaded to youtube for free and make these videos earn you commissions into your account?

What if you could actually promote not just one product but 10 products at the same time and earn commissions from them?

I’m Sure You’re Thinking

Well, that’s exactly the problem we faced.

And after looking hard all over the internet we found there was no easy way to do this.

That’s why we created VIDDX – a brand new platform that turns free youtube videos into commissions generating pages for you.

Not just that, it goes one step further and promotes 10 products at the same time so you have 10 times higher chance of earning commissions from these free videos.

All that without having you to do any manual work, no video creation, no camera working, no technical editing – nothing.

Just copy – paste & profit – it just takes 60 seconds.

Wondering what is this magical software that can do all this for you in 60 seconds?

YES – Now You Can Promote
Not Just one BUT Multiple Offers at the same time
  •  Imagine not having to worry about creating videos to promote products ever again…
  •   Imagine spending Just SECONDS (instead of HOURS) setting up your promotion campaigns.
  •   How nice would it be to click one button and have hundreds of people start visiting your offer pages the same day?
  •   Imagine being able to earn commissions from 10 different related products, sometimes even 3 or 4 sales from a single campaign.
  •  What would it feel like to be able to have leisure time while this software does the work for you & makes you more money than others…
  •  How awesome would it be to get commission checks in the mail from offers you setup months ago, just keep paying you over and over again?










11 Amazing Things That Make ViddX
So Powerful Even Elon Musk Would Want to Add Them to His Next Rocket Launch

Promote Multiple Offers in a Single Campaign

No other software allows you to promote not just one offer but 10 or more different offers in a single video campaign. Use the power of ViddX to earn 10x more commissions.







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