Vidfuse - Special Asset Pack

Vidfuse – Special Asset Pack

                       Vidfuse – Special Asset Pack

                                                         WAIT! ON THIS PAGE ONLY!

               Add This Asset Pack To Your Order Now And Save A Massive $8134!

Get 400 Premium Royalty Free Assets Including… 200 Tack Sharp 16MP+ Photographs… 100 HD Video Backgrounds… And 100 of The Best Damned Sound Tracks You’ve Ever Heard!

     Yes! Add This Asset Pack To My Order Now

Hi, it’s Wait,

Congratulations on taking the first step

into the kickass world of high

engagement vlogging for fun and profits

That’s not a title of a book but it should be.
And now you’ve got VidFuse AND the $497 Youtube Superstars’ Sessions on your side there’s no reason you shouldn’t be the person to write it.
Once you’ve got your Vlog rolling it’ll quickly become second nature for you.
It’ll feel like a hobby more than a business.
And because you’ll find it so easy to create content that people love to engage with…
I’m guessing (not guessing) you’ll be hooked on it, busting out video after video after video in no time.

So Here’s 3 Quick And Easy Tips

On How To Bust Out Videos Your

Fans Will To Go Nuts For…

Quick & Easy Tip #1:

Get A Good Angle!

It seems simple right?

But just taking a moment to see what your viewers are going to see makes all the difference.

It doesn’t matter how entertaining you are, or how good your gizmo is, you could be selling cute puppies to heartbroken teenagers but if all they can see is your nostril hair they’re not sticking around for long!

Quick & Easy Tip #2:
Save Yourself A Fortune!
Photographers and videographers suffer from a painful disease called GAS.
Gear Acquisition Syndrome will hurt your pocket and distract you from creating incredible results, but here’s the truth, never forget it:
The camera on your smartphone is MORE THAN GOOD ENOUGH to create killer vlogs, so save yourself a fortune and use it.

                                     Good News, Bad News.

The good news is… when it comes attention to detail and editing your videos, Vidfuse lets you do it all.
You can add images, videos, set backgrounds, you can add lower thirds to professionalize your videos with key information, and you can add backing tracks with ease.
The bad news is… you need a solid supply of assets, and assets can be expensive.
If you’ve ever wondered who the real winners are when it comes to content creation here’s a clue:

VidFuse Special Ops

This is a specialized pack of premium assets that can turn any vlogging project into a finely tuned campaign capable of standing out and delivering maximum engagement on all your social platforms.

The best bit is:
You pay once and save an absolute fortune.
There are no rip-off subscriptions or overpriced single project packs.
All your vlogs will have a style that fans and followers will come to identify as unique to you.

With The VidFuse Special Ops

Pack You Get Everything!

Vidfuse - Special Asset Pack

Truly Awesome Audio…

all our audio tracks have been recorded in mp3 with lossless compression to give your viewers the best auditory experience they’ve ever had from your videos. They won’t know it at the time, but your audio tracks will carry them along for the ride and help embed your message, brand, or call to action firmly in their minds.

Tack Sharp Images…

“tack sharp” is the phrase pro-photographers use to describe the very best images they’ve taken. And we’ve compiled a massive selection of them to make sure your vlogs have a wow factor capable of impressing even the most die-hard photo guru.

Pixel perfect web-ready
video backgrounds…

filmed in [720p] and [1080p] then rendered and sized to display perfectly on the web. This huge storehouse of web-ready video will fit into your vlogs seamlessly and transform your own videos into mini-masterpieces.

With the VidFuse Special Ops Pack You

Pay Once, Save $8134, And Then

Create As Many Videos As You Like.

The VidFuse Special Ops Pack gives you access to all the assets you’ve seen here, and tons more.
There’s 400 premium, royalty free assets for you to choose from and use time and time again.

You’re getting:

200 Tack Sharp 16 Megapixel Images with a real world value of $916.00

100 HD Video Snippets with a real-world value of $6136.00

100 Awesome soundtracks and special effects with a real-world value of at least $999.00

Which by everyday standard prices should cost as much as $8231.00!

But you won’t be paying anywhere near that.

                                    ON THIS PAGE ONLY you can get
the VidFuse Special Ops Pack
for just $97. (One Time!)

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